We are holding livestream "townhall" presentations of the scheme for local residents on Friday 3 April, at 1pm and 6pm and on Saturday 4 April at 11am. You will be able to ask questions of the team.


Homes for Lambeth's communityUK site is now live where the townhall presentation will be held.  If you register, you can ask question before and during the presentation.

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Homes for Lambeth are proposing to build 31 new homes on the land between Roman Rise and Oakwood Drive. We intend to build better homes for the current residents living on the Central Hill Estate plus new homes to help tackle the housing crisis.


We are Lambeth Council’s wholly-owned house builder and we will include genuinely affordable homes let at council level rents to people who are on the council’s housing lists.

As well as these new homes, there will be new green landscaping, and private amenity spaces for residents.

Information on the proposed application can be found on this website. You can telephone us on 0800 955 1042 or email us on romanrise@yourshout.org

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