Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that have been raised by local residents. Thank you to everyone who has contacted us so far. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, you can ask them by clicking here.

Are new works to Roman Rise being planned to improve the rest of the road likes sidewalks and the like?

All nearby pavements will be upgraded. The scheme is car free, except for the provision of 3 parking bays for the wheelchair units. (2 of which will be where the current crossover to the garages is).

Will the proposals impact on traffic generation?

The new homes will be prioritised for secure tenants and resident leaseholders on Central Hill Estate, who will continue to be able to park on the estate.

Will the pavement on Roman Rise on the estate side be resurfaced as part of the works?

The pavements abutting the site both on Central Hill and Roman Rise will be resurfaced and upgraded at the end of the development.

There are drainage problems on Central Hill including sewerage in homes, Will this building connect to sewerage system already in disrepair ?

There will be a drainage survey carried out for the scheme.
The proposed development will be built with the latest drainage systems, which shall be connected to the existing public network.  
As required by policy, the proposed development will look to restrict and reduce the amount of surface water (nonfoul) going into the existing system via Sustainable drainage systems.  This will in turn improve capacity in the public surface water drain.
The development will increase the amount of foul water, albeit not significantly.  This will also connect to the existing network.  However, given the reduction in surface water, this increase in foul water, it will still be an overall reduction when compared against the existing site.
The overall capacity and quality of the public network is managed and maintained by Thames Water, as the water authority.  As part of the application we will engage with TW to ascertain the existing capacity of the network, and to understand if any existing issues exist.  If necessary, any upgrades to the network shall be identified and implemented by TW to overcome any impact from the site.  At this stage, we do not envisage that the proposed development will create such issues.
Furthermore, as part of the application we shall be consultation with the Lead Local Flood Officer at LB Lambeth, who will oversee the design and be a statutory consultee.

How is noise going to be control and monitored during construction?

Whilst temporary, we do appreciate that any development is disruptive. HFL will seek to mitigate the impact of the development through ensuring that the selected Contractor complies with the Considerate Contractors Scheme. 

There will be an element of noise, dust ant traffic as part of a demolition and build project. But this will be minimised.

How will it effect current residents (road closures, noise, dust etc.)?

A full Construction management report will be completed as part of the application process. This will be a live document throughout the construction programme, which shall be made available to stakeholders, local residents and council members.  The report shall include the proposed processes and methods of containment.  Contact details and complaints procedures shall also be provided and advertised on any site hoardings.
As part of the Considerate Contractor requirements there will restrictions on when site traffic can enter the site and
when construction takes place. There will also be contact details to report any issues on the site.

How is this scheme and the schemes for the rest of the estate being financed? I understand loans from Public Loans Board now difficult to get?

 The financing of Roman Rise and other projects being developed by HFL is outlined in the 2020-23 Business Plan -

Are there designated bin stores so they are not left on street?

The bin stores are internal to the block, with refuse collection taking place from Roman Rise. There will be a communal refuse store within the building and individual, enclosed bin stores for each of the wheelchair homes adjacent to their entrance doors. Servicing is envisaged from Roman Rise.

How will you decide who moves on to the new Roman Rise site?

The new homes will be available for secure tenants and resident lease holders on Central Hill. The wheelchair units will be allocated to families who need them & will be identified on the council’s housing list.

Will these properties be for the residents of Central Hill?

For Lambeth’s secure tenants and leaseholder on the regeneration estates there are Key Guarantees which outline the re-housing options - These guarantees give households the option to move from the estate or move into a new home. There is also a package of compensation and support outlined in the guarantees.

Will everyone who lives there at the moment get a new flat?

In the event that the new homes are not taken up by existing Central Hill Estate residents then the shared ownership properties will be marketed in line with the GLA Shared Ownership guidelines and the council level rent homes will be offered to ease pressure on the Councils housing waiting list.

is there a list of all the organisations whose ruled and regulations are being used for this project? 

The planning policies of both the GLA and Lambeth Council have to be adhered to. To supplement these HFL has its own Design Principles:
Current London plan
New London plan
Lambeth Local Plan Guide
Design Principles
The Planning Application will be supported by the following documents:

- Design & Access Statement

- Planning Drawings

- Planning Statement

- Noise Assessment

- Construction Logistics Management Plan

- Tree Assessment

- Transport Assessment

- Daylight & Sunlight Assessment

- Ecological Survey

- Landscaping Scheme

- Air Quality Assessment

- Archaeological Assessment

- Fire Safety Strategy

- Sustainability & Energy Strategy

- Overheating Assessment

- Flood Risk Assessment
- Drainage Assessment

- Framework Construction Management Plan

- Heritage Statement

- Statement of Community Involvement

Where can I see the presentation again?

If you were unable to tune into our presentations these will be available on the project website in the coming days. You can also still comment on the proposals online at, via email or [email protected] our Freephone  0800 955 1042. 

Is the building close to the road?

The proposed building is set back roughly 3.5m from Roman Rise, 4m from Oakwood Drive and 9.5m from Central Hill.  We are looking to retain elements of the existing brick wall boundary and introduce railings for visual permeability between Central Hill, creating a secure boundary with no direct access to and from the garden from Central Hill or Roman Rise.
The play provision is set back from the roads and buffered by the existing mature planting on site.

Why can’t you build like for like building 4 storey high on the preexisting grounds?

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and GLA London Plan seeks to make the most efficient use of land and as such our proposals are aimed to maximize the number of new homes on the site whilst still respecting the impact of development on neighbouring properties. 
Our proposals have been designed in accordance with BRE Guidelines. A Daylight and Sunlight Assessment has been prepared an external consultant to support our proposals. 

Whilst any development of the Roman Rise site will lead to some changes to neighbourly daylight and sunlight levels, the retained daylight and sunlight levels to existing properties are
within the BRE Guidelines for new development and the retained levels are typical of similar urban locations across London.

When will the work be started and how long will it take? Is the current COVID situation going to hold commencement up?

Following the online engagement and review of the scheme, the intention is to submit a detailed planning application in late April/early May.

When will the work be started and how long will it take?   

Subject to the planning application being formally approved by LB Lambeth, we aim to start demolition of Truslove House in early 2021. The development will take 18 months to build and occupy.

Will there be additional car parking made?

The development will be car-free, and there will be cycle storage for new and existing residents.

How many homes will be 3 bed and rented?

11 apartments will be 3 bedrooms. (9 x 3b5p and 2 x 3b4p). 10 of the 11 apartments will be available to rent.

How will peoples health not be damaged by living right up against such a busy road as Central Hill ? Some flats only have windows on these roads with no buffer zones or evergreen trees to protect their lungs from damage which is especially worrying regarding growing children who will have their chances of good health reduced.

All of the homes will be accessible from safe communal areas where neighbours can grow plants and look down on the large grass courtyards. It’s also worth noting that the proposed balconies that front on to Central Hill are inset to the building so as to mitigate the impact of noise pollution and air pollution on any future residents. 

The building edge ranges from a 9.m5 – 12m set back from Central Hill.  The existing Common Lime, Holly and Oak trees will be retained with additional planting proposed to act as a natural buffer between building, garden and street. A mechanical ventilation system will filter out pollutants that may enter the apartments ensuring there is constant air flow within the building without the need to open windows.

The HFL business plan refers to sustainability measures it will deliver throughout the 20 year programme. Will the Roman Rise development fall under this approach?

The proposal has been designed with a Fabric First approach which means the building will be aiming for a good overall air tightness and high performing insulation levels for the walls, doors, windows, roof, etc. This reduces the energy required to heat the building in the first instance. 

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) and photo voltaic panels will provide heat and power to new homes, reducing the amount of energy relied on from the central grid.

Do you have a wildlife plan as there are lots of birds in the vicinity?

We are currently reviewing the option of green/sedum roofs for the proposal.

When will the wider estate regeneration start?

The masterplan for the whole estate will start in 2020. This document will identify a phased development of Central Hill. We will be engaging with residents shortly on this.

Following approval of the HFL Business Plan, we are now mandated to procure a new design team to bring forward the proposals for the regeneration of the Central Hill Estate. We would envisage a start to engaging with residents in Summer 2020 about the regeneration proposals.

Will these proposals be in line with the latest fire regulations?

Yes, all relevant regulations will be followed. A fire consultant has been appointed to offer guidance throughout the design process, ensuring, latest fire regulations are met and fire hazards are designed out.

What are they constructed of?

The building is predominantly constructed with brick and other non-combustible materials, flats will contain sprinklers and as the communal circulation is an exterior space, this provides ventilation. The fire consultant will also submit a comprehensive report to accompany the planning submission.  

Will you be planting any cherry trees?

This can be examined as part of the landscaping. 

Can six people live in the 3 bed flat?

No. The 3 bedroom apartments are designed for a maximum of 5 people.

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